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2015 Mari Sandoz Symposium, Date?

"Sandhills Women"

Participants at the 2015 Mari Sandoz Heritage Society Symposium explored the world of Sandhills Women through the eyes of their greatest protagonist, Mari Sandoz. Three lectures and two panel discussions explored everything from Sandoz’ use of her writing as a social justice platform to current issues facing Lakota women.

Then- Sandoz scholar Jillian Wenburg who is now a Sandoz Board member said as Sandoz developed story ideas and noted observations about Plains life, she encountered factions that were unjustly treated and used her platform as a writer to address the issues. Dr. Lisa Pollard of Lincoln noted  that Mari’s father, Old Jules, was once reported to have said, “You know I consider artists and writers the maggots of society.” That, Pollard said, was what drove Mari to be a writer.

Author Christianna Reinhardt talked about recipes, technique and cooking traditions of women on the high plains. She said the westward expansion of railroad and its ability to deliver fresh, frozen and bulk foods changed all that.

Three Native women discussed current issues they face as a culture in a session moderated by Sandoz Board members Holly Boomer and Kimberli Lee. Board member Shannon Smith moderated a panel of three women and Board member Ron Hull discussing the contributions of the women of whom Sandoz wrote.