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2011 Mari Sandoz Symposium, dates?

"The Joy of Learning"

The 2011 Mari Sandoz Heritage Society symposium celebrated the “Joy of Learning,” honoring Sandoz as both a student learner and teacher.

Deb Carpenter-Nolting, of Bushnell, facilitated a discussion of one-room schoolhouses in Nebraska history while sharing Mari Sandoz’s experiences attending and teaching in Sandhills schools. Carpenter-Nolting, who grew up in Sheridan County, attended a one-room school and taught in rural schools. She knows that rural education is entrenched in our lives in the Midwest and many have an ancestor who attended, taught or both.

In another conference session, Chuck Trimble discussed “Generations: Ghosts That Haunt Native Youth.” Trimble, who was born and raised on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, discussed the problems influencing native youth today. He said the horrors of early boarding school in previous generations have resulted in a dysfunctional society on the reservation.

The pioneer Lakota journalist and economic development promoter, a resident of Omaha, said he believes better plan is actually addressing the problems that result from long-term unemployment and the hopelessness that comes from total dependency over many generations.